I’m an artist and surface pattern designer who lives in the Pacific Northwest (of the US). In my work, I mostly like focusing on nature, but I also like architecture and geometric or abstract patterns. And I especially love making art with cats as the subject.

I mainly use Adobe Illustrator for my art. I love vector art because it lets me change my mind. I can repurpose art for other purposes. I can make art in pieces and combine it later into a bigger piece. I can output huge resolutions required for print-on-demand sites.

I’m finding lately that I really enjoy color. Sometimes the pattern just becomes a way of trying insane color combinations just to see what looks good. Before I was really into pen and ink drawing–no color–so this is quite a change.

I love a lot of art, and a lot of art makes me feel lucky or blessed to be able to see it. And that makes me feel a debt that I have to repay by making my own art—a way of paying back for all of the art I’ve enjoyed over the years.

I am available for commissions and collaboration. Contact me.